The Unique Twin Revolving Door

In buildings where extremely large numbers of visitors pass through with trollies, shopping carts or large luggage every day, the shape of a traditional revolving door can prove to put a limit on the user flow. The movement of the door wings usually forces visitors to walk in a slight circle in order to enter or exit the building. This puts some limit on the capacity of the entrance and can sometimes be difficult to manoeuvre with heavy trollies. The Twintour is a unique revolving door concept that combines the advantages of straight line access with a spacious entry and the energy saving properties of a revolving door.

The Twintour consists of two or more two wing automatic revolving doors that are linked to ensure the movement of the door wings is synchronised. Each of the revolving doors can be placed separately to create a passageway that will lead the visitor to their destination. In this way the Twintour can also be used to direct visitors in the required direction and even to separate one incoming flow of users into two different directions. 

Please take a look at our range of revolving doors, security doors & portals, speed gates, tripod turnstiles, access gates and full height turnstiles to ensure the security of your entry and perimeter.



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